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Japan Earthquake Triggers Radiation, Toxic Rain Web Hoaxes - Security - News & Reviews -

Japan Earthquake Triggers Radiation, Toxic Rain Web Hoaxes - Security - News & Reviews -

A little Company on a Sunday Afternoon

A Sleeping Dog.

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I want to go to Maldives.

Oh Man, Let's Go.

Diet Plan Using Pregnancy Hormones

An Article About This Can be Found in This website:

This diet plan is executed combining the hormone injections with a 500-calorie-a-day diet, it is promised that an individual will achieve a kind of weight-loss nirvana: losing fat in all the right places without feeling tired or hungry.

Doctors’ offices, weight-loss clinics in America are paying $1,000 a month per consultation, packed with hormone and syringes supplies as aids. It has been 50++ years after a Roman Catholic Doctor promoted hCG as a diet aid.

The regimen is a combination of daily injections and a near-starvation diet. Women patients are enticed by the weight loss promise of about 1pound a day sans hunger. These women are told that the hgc will prompt to metabolize your body and loose the fat in the hard to reach areas.

Is this true? I don't know, you can try and do your due diligence first before you do.

One Very Funny Modern Family - Movie Charades Part Deux - Oscars 2011 Promo (27 Feb, 20...

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Burlap To Cashmere - Eileen's Song

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A Comptroller’s Hidden Wealth | Newsbreak | Independent Journalism

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Change is available to everyone including you.

I’ll give you the greatest news in the world, Jesus answered the call to humanity, to live what God really meant about His Glory. His legacy remained up to this day.

The truth is God is not a respecter of persons, He has no favorites (MSG) God shows no partiality undue favor or unfairness; with Him one man is not different from another (Rom 2:11, Phillips). Jesus is God in the flesh, I meant to say that because he lived to what God wants him to be and we are like image of God, if we choose to be. It was just available all along and he just took up to boldness to walk it unto death.

He doesn’t want sacrifices and offerings; he just wants us to recognize him as our father, and that Jesus is Lord. What I mean by Lord is, he is the epitome of what we are looking for. WHATEVER we are looking for. It’s saying yes to his way and not our own long and winding way. The giving up of the self will to God’s will.

Just sit in his right hand and HE will take care of the rest.

And you have the bible to read in whatever so many ways you want to read it. Its power remains the same. Heck that’s God’s word and that word moved Jesus to the most influential person in the history of man.

Majority of Us struggle to matter, Jesus answered the calling. He matters a big deal up to this day. What did he do? You will find it out once you hit the pages of the Bible. He didn’t put the credit to his own, it was completely said he was the first of the many.

As sure as a father delights in his son, for sure he is delighted with US.

I became different because of Jesus.

And how did I say that?

Every impulse that brought me to be a pathetic and as absurd as I am was healed by his name.

I have looked up to people with stories of change and it was change that I always desired and worked for, don’t we all?

What do you desire?

Until I dropped to my bottom where there was no way out. Just as when I was to throw down the towel out of 27 years of trying to live.

There was God. He made a wonderful thing

He sent me angels, in the form of people in my life that lifted up the best of me into coming up and accept that I can be saved.

I know I had no choice; I did the best that I could.

This world kept me spinning and under, I have given up on people. I kept coming back addicted to regret, to feeling small and not wanted, to all it’s negativity, a very twisted way of comfort. To that heat in my belly that prompt me to be bold that I got through the substitute of alcohol, to being so broke. The false warmth and calm that smoking gave me and the addiction to all these that made me run to some horrible circles. I sought my refuge to the music that validated my feelings and looked up to people who wrote the songs, books and poems that understood what I felt, but yet did not have an answer as to how I could get out. It kept my world running in circles. It kept me addicted to these cycles. Until I got so nauseated and fell flat on the floor.

And I still fall flat on the floor every now and then.

But God’s ways pull me in every step of the way. He made me now so bold to tell you without the influence of any sort than genuine happiness and fulfillment of the spirit about what God did to my life.

He speaks to my life through everyone’s life and experiences through the validity of his word right here in the church where I was planted and in your life.

He gave me verses every step of the way to hold on to, with the Holy Spirit as my guide, which is a wonderful thing as well, leads me to places of safety and answers.

Every craving I said the name of Jesus and it has power. I cannot explain it to you, God knows I just believed.

You just got to believe. What else are you left with? We all have times in the night where we look inside us. Every person has a different way of coping and assuring. But I can guarantee, every self made effort is a dead end. We can only see as much. God saw it all; he made the moon and the stars for us to look up to. The earth on itself is amazing everything is made with the same cycle and chain. If things were made out of some sort of source chains and all then who made all of it? To who are we linked to? Have you asked yourself that?

Every Longing I said the name of Jesus, and his love filled me.

As I continue to remember may I continue to remember, the bottom, the other way was a dead end.

I really suck. Life sucks

I do not become nostalgic when I do revisit because I miss those times, hell no it makes me grateful and thankful.

Of how far God has come into my life. How he has my heart changed every single time. How he made me matter from the times that I had to be under just to get by and be normal.

I am really nothing and nobody without God.

And in this Journey maybe that I am somebody in front of someone who is a witness to what Christ can do for his or her life.

We were born to call on God; we were slapped in the butt way back as an infant from our mother’s womb, to cry out for a sign of life, to breathe our first air.

And those bottoms failures and losses we encounter were not made for us to suck; it is a call for life, a second life, A breath of fresh air, new-ness.

Just as when life and the world kill us with is horribleness.

There is a God. He never fails. Choose God, You can become new and start all over again.

Sneak peek at ‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’ season 3, debuting March 6 with Atlanta Lil Jon & NeNe Leakes

Sneak peek at ‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’ season 3, debuting March 6 with Atlanta Lil Jon & NeNe Leakes