Thursday, October 8, 2015

Best Doctors in the World. (A Repost Email from a friend)

(This is an email sent to me by a very good friend. He is 80 something years of age. yes I am friends with older people and these are very real platonic friendships. I learn so much from their wisdom. I have no idea who the author of this is but it sure is a good knowledge to pass on.)

As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300. or $30.00 watch, they both tell the same time...

Whether we carry a $300 or $30.00 wallet/handbag, the amount of money inside is the same;

Whether we drink a bottle of $30 or $3.00 wine, the effect is the same;

Whether the house we live in is 30 or 300 sq.m. the loneliness is the same.

Hopefully, one day you will realize, your true inner happiness does not come-from the material things of this world.

Whether you fly first or economy class, if the plane goes down, you go down with it...

Therefore..I hope you realize, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, who you chat with, laugh with, talk with, have sing songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven & earth, .... That is true happiness!!

Five Undeniable Facts of Life :

1. Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of things not the price.

2. Best awarded words in London ... "Eat your food as your medicines.  Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food"

3. The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up they will find one reason to hold on.

4. There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Only a few really understand it.

5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage...!

If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone..! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together..!!

Six Best Doctors in the World
  1. Sunlight
  2. Rest

  3. Exercise
  4. Diet
  5. Self Confidence
  6 . Friends
Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy healthy life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mid Life Crisis or so they say.

I am at a point in my life where age meets expectations and who you are and what you have lived for is judged before you get to the tipping age of exclusion from the society that would feed you long as you serve them, which is 37 that is. I am an age closer to that. That is a decade after my last self audit. After that I was free from the shackles of what bound me for a decade or more that put me up to this point. I am thankful for that journey now I feel as an ever evolving human being, I crave and am to live for change and a higher level of self which I am trying to figure out right now not by might, but by sight and open mind.

Welcome to the dirty world of Mid life crisis. Yes, it exist in women. Yes it currently exists here.

It is a point where everybody is too busy of their own shit to even listen to you talk your way out of your rut. Thank God there are blogs for the cheapo s like me. Thank God there are therapists for the people who can well afford it.

Unlike a decade ago, I was neurotic, sad and mad. I was too vulnerable, too naive and too shallow.

Today I am more brewing, watchful and thankful. there is so much peace in anticipation. there is more patience in looking for answers. there is more mistakes that bear bittersweet fruits that you smile or laugh about. (This may sound too cliche' but..) There we're never regrets, only lessons learned. There are more shamans to go to and cause you to be introspective, those people who act as your human "tums" who tame down the acid that cause you to unnecessarily vomit. like a 5 year old. There is a sweetie little pie called Taluli and a wonderful little dog called Pablito.

Friday, September 18, 2015

HAPPY 36th

I'm not much into the drama of things because I got so sick of that in my younger years.

But this is one day where I allow myself to go down to the bits of my soul and cry the most bittersweet tears that I best enjoy alone.

Pagbigyan nyo na ako sa GIF na to. Pwede mag feeling Angelina Jolie lang birthday naman?

It is about 11:48 PM September 18, in a few minutes I'm a year older. I am playing my Spotify Birthday Mix, which I built august and been playing solidly for a few days now.

Some things that are new and stimulating events that happened this year, I am really thankful to the God that works this universe for making the right fittings for my life in the right moments,  right times and has never ever failed me in this journey.

I am very thankful to T.G.T.W.T.U (to the God that works this universe) BECAUSE:

My most precious gift, Tala Elija, who is now a year and 3 months strong  is growing to be a very healthy,  smart, and sweet. He is becoming a ball of joy to all the lives he touches with his smile,and his simple adorable gesture of saying their name. His sweet baby kisses make my heart melt and the way he is as a kid makes me very happy. The way that this kid makes me strive to be a better person/ mother makes me very very grateful.

I am very thankful that I am weathering this rocky path to achievement in my professional and personal well being. I am also very thankful that I am given a very healthy disposition in my state of mind.

This is the part where I go back to my past blog posts and have a self assessment.

What I wish for:

I wish that Taluli will continue to be healthy and happy.

I wish that Taluli will have an open mind about a new daddy or a lack of one thereof.

I wish that finally I will gain back the confidence to believe that there is someone understanding enough that I can give my affection to.

I wish that Pablo will live longer.

I wish that things will come through particularly professional advancement this year.

I'll add as I go.

And oh A Perfect Song to Kick off an awesome Birthday Year: The Killers - Mr. Brightside played at exactly 12 am September Fucking 19. This is My 2015 Jam then.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Post Partum Coping

It's been a year and 3 months post partum, I felt I skipped the post partum blues because I went hyper social just not to get caught in the emotional chaos that they are talking about,

Saved my baby from the bad vibes as he is now a light to everybody's darkness, his smile is a beauty and his sweetness divine.

But lately, it has been taking a toll on my body. I am 100 pounds overweight and feeling the effects of any person who have undergone any surgery and all that drugs that came along with it, weakness, inability to focus, tingling sensation from the waist below specially in the right leg that started while I was 3 months pregs with the talulibugger . I seriously substituted feelings with either food or alcohol to drown out all the feelings that will affect my son. I think I have been doing this all my life and now the excuse is my son. Deep stuff. Shit. Anyway.

I am going to have my break through on this one,

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dear Followers of Iglesia ni Cristo

Dear Followers of Iglesia ni Cristo,

First let me say, I love you, I love how ever so fragile your hearts are for God that you chose allegiance towards this sector of religion even though as we all know, God is love and is free for anyone to take to their hearts, minds, deeds and what not.

I will not go as deep as a wells core here because it doesn't even matter now, you've ruined my experience of a saturday and hey my sunday too, (Thank you Mandaluyong City for granting permit to rally through your most profitable saturday and sunday your  long weekend mall going folks won't make it anymore, so pop goes your profits for 2 days, nice work!) where I am supposed to have a moment to take my son to places and enjoy and love his existence in this sham of a country called the Philippines where it is supposedly more fun to be in. 

Photo from, caption made with the more fun maker here:

I know how you shout about the separation of church and state, I salute your boldness despite the fact that in truth, your much awaited political endorsement every election is somewhat a fanfare of local media with your statements flying across the broadsheets. This blog is an accurate statement of account of how the INC tried to influence our Political System.  

It is no wonder that presidential candidates of this coming election are squandering media time in allegiance to your actions, And why the fuck not? It is an easy 2.6 Percent of the voting population here in the Philippines they are trying to vie for. 

So stop casting that one big hell of a stone you are trying to throw the government JUST BECAUSE they started to get into your shit. If you just had the means to control your shitty situation within your crumbling hell of a  government, the vultures you speak of would not have poked their failing magnifying glasses on you. 

Your leaderships' steady acts of narcissism is driving you and not INC because the C in INC is Cristo and my knowledge of how Christ goes about his oppositions are in now way close to what you are trying to do here. What is being shown is the effects of a narcissistic leadership this show has been running for years when indeed push came to shove. Your ways were never 10 commandment-ish but rather close to this:

The seven deadly sins of narcissism were first described by psychotherapist Sandy Hotchkiss and they include the following: (Excerts from an article by By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD in
  1. Shamelessness – Shame is the underlying factor in all cases of unhealthy narcissism. In a healthy person, shame is processed in a normal manner, whereas narcissists have difficulty processing this feeling in a healthy way. Narcissists also tend to inflict shame on other people, a concept referred to as projection.
  2. Magical thinking – Narcissists tend to perceive themselves as perfect and flawless. The distorted thinking and illusion that causes narcissists to feel this way is referred to as magical thinking.
  3. Arrogance – Arrogance and a disregard for other people’s feelings are typical characteristics of narcissism. Narcissists often have a low self esteem which they try to relieve by insulting or degrading others. This helps to re-inflate their ego when they are feeling deflated or lacking in worth.
  4. Envy – Due to their sense of being superior to others, narcissists may feel insecure when faced with another person’s ability, which they may try to belittle by demonstrating contempt or dismissal of it.
  5. Sense of entitlement – A sense of being perfect and superior means narcissists often expect to receive favorable treatment and for people to admire and agree with their opinions or actions. Failure to comply may be perceived as an attack on their authority and superiority. A person who flouts their authority is often considered to be a difficult or awkward person by the narcissist, who will proceed to demean them or their opinion, especially in front of others. Defiance can also trigger anger in the narcissist which is referred to as “narcissistic rage.”
  6. Exploitation – This refers to the narcissist’s tendency to exploit others and show no regard or empathy for their emotions or interests. This often occurs when the other person is in a subservient position, where it is awkward or impossible to resist the narcissist. On some occasions, this subservience is only assumed rather than real.
  7. Lack of boundaries – Most narcissists fail to understand their boundaries and recognise that other people are individuals rather than extensions of themselves. Those who support the self-esteem of the narcissist are expected to always do so, with the narcissist failing to recognize the independence of the other person.

And by saying this, my heart forgives you. Stupid people succumb to stupid things just as how we were like as babies, and I know it is stupid of me to write this letter to you because it shows that you are somewhat succeeding in affecting bigots like me who now at least try to engage you in a manner of how  religious sects exercise  opposition of other people's views that are not akin to theirs and the sarcasm that fill the gap of nothingness,

If I had God like powers in my hands I would like to name your existence right now in Mandaluyong as  INC (Irony Ni Cristo). I know it's corny, but yeah. I'm corny, I am a corny stupid pleading monkey and you have got nothing on me.

Sinsarcastically yours and I know it's not a word,

The EMO Thinker dumpeth.