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Friday, January 1, 2016

Best Toddler Medicine Tool Ever.

So you have trouble just like me administering a toddler approaching their "terrible twos" Medicine of how many ML using a teaspoon or a medicine dropper?

Have no fear


This handy dandy super syringe is here.

20 pesos in Mercury drug. 20 times convenience

best Invention yet.

Dear Woman

So tell me dear lover

Are your hands big enough
To hold a strong woman like me?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Just for the sudden feels

> I look back
> It's been a month
> And damn we moved so fast
> Surreal
> I love the fast paced life
> You chill me out
> And hold me down
> It is almost as if
> It was a perfect fit
> Of course I still have doubts
> Let me see, wait,
> You had me at food
> You had me at our total equal weirdness
> You had me at Passion man, you have passion
> You are more of a man than anyone with fake power see
> I don't know if you know that about you
> But I see it very clear
> And it draws me more to you
> To sum this up in one word
> is : Intense. This rhyme doesnt make no sense.