Monday, September 5, 2016

Point to Point Bus: A Commuters Haven

So I was asked by my boss to come and report for work, first thing that came to my mind was, what time do I freaking leave my mom's house because MNL traffic situation has no chill at all, worst of it's kind? How can I travel as cheap as I can going to the place I need to go to that is as comfortable as I am in a chauffered service like Uber or Grab Car or even close?

I first saw this point to point service in ayala while I was dining out with my best  football buddy Rica and thought of trying it out the next time I am headed south.

I personally think that this will kill the muck out of the current shitty bus system.

So when I was presented an opportunity to travel southbound for work, I didn't miss a chance of riding this Point to Point shuttle service. For just 100 pesos I am able to enjoy pro's such as:

1.) Cruising just like how comfortable you would be in a car.
2.) Free Wi-Fi.
3.) Friendlier Bus Drivers
4.) Peaceful and safer compared to riding in a bus.
5.) More civilized passengers.
6.) Not much fear in taking a nap looking out protecting your bag from being slashed or pick pocketed.
7.) Your Morning Tv shows onboard because it has TV on board.

1.) It is a non stop bus, you can't just stop to pee, eat or drink.

I think that is it for now. Until my next Point to Point bus adventure.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Of Toddlers and Laptops

You are not a mother of a forever curious and smart toddler if your keyboard does not turn up as this:

I know I have a mom blog but Oh my brother, Taluli in his terible two's. Just the other day, this forever curious toddler took a trip with me to a place where there is a Koi pond and he was just in awe seeing the live  fishes. He started to throw stones, I panic in stopping him and patiently telling him how he should not be throwing stones as it will be painful if I did the same to him. Back and forth dude.

I eat (The place that had a koi pond happened to be a food place) 3 bites and all of a sudden this boy takes off his shoes, tells me he is going to swim I put down the spoon and run to grab this toddler and think of a way to sit him still.

But despite of this craziness, you  look into his face and every single crazy fit turns to a sweet smile.

How do you get mad at this cuteness?
Photo Credits to Barbara Santos and Richard Fruto of Fairview Bikers

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I wish this will go away soon.

I miss you around me making me smile greeting me good morning
I miss you making me feel
I miss that I can just call you and you will be here and you would make me feel calm.
I still wake up around the same time that we both do 2-3 am I don't know If you still do.
you have been my sweet space
you made me feel really tender
and it was amazing
I don't know if it was amazing for you
I don't know if you felt what I felt.
but i had to stop it had to stop.
because you no longer wanted.
And I don't know how to cope with rejection.
I had to be. I have to let it go.
it is hard. I am counting the kilometers I spend biking in the places far away
I already ran miles but still the pain is just the same
I don't know when I will find or will I be found.
But what happens now is I have to clean up every little mess I made
Make up for all lost time that was brought about by my impulsiveness
Do my own personal responsibilities
With a hurt heart I know I will get over this.
I know I loved you deep as an ocean crave depth
in the short amount of time we spent
What matters now is I will continue to move.
Move as I can. Only a few people know how sad I am
but the sensitive ones know I'm lost
only a few know I am in pain.
I'm not banking on seeing you ever again though
But the next time someone tries to make me feel tender
I will guard my heart and my sanity harder.
I will work myself up to beat all my insecurities and be the best woman I can ever be.
I will use my head more next time.
And not give away too much of my time.
I am treating you as a lesson in life.
I wish all the negative feelings will go away very soon.
Because no one deserves to outshine my stars and my moon.