Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dear Followers of Iglesia ni Cristo

Dear Followers of Iglesia ni Cristo,

First let me say, I love you, I love how ever so fragile your hearts are for God that you chose allegiance towards this sector of religion even though as we all know, God is love and is free for anyone to take to their hearts, minds, deeds and what not.

I will not go as deep as a wells core here because it doesn't even matter now, you've ruined my experience of a saturday and hey my sunday too, (Thank you Mandaluyong City for granting permit to rally through your most profitable saturday and sunday your  long weekend mall going folks won't make it anymore, so pop goes your profits for 2 days, nice work!) where I am supposed to have a moment to take my son to places and enjoy and love his existence in this sham of a country called the Philippines where it is supposedly more fun to be in. 

Photo from, caption made with the more fun maker here:

I know how you shout about the separation of church and state, I salute your boldness despite the fact that in truth, your much awaited political endorsement every election is somewhat a fanfare of local media with your statements flying across the broadsheets. This blog is an accurate statement of account of how the INC tried to influence our Political System.  

It is no wonder that presidential candidates of this coming election are squandering media time in allegiance to your actions, And why the fuck not? It is an easy 2.6 Percent of the voting population here in the Philippines they are trying to vie for. 

So stop casting that one big hell of a stone you are trying to throw the government JUST BECAUSE they started to get into your shit. If you just had the means to control your shitty situation within your crumbling hell of a  government, the vultures you speak of would not have poked their failing magnifying glasses on you. 

Your leaderships' steady acts of narcissism is driving you and not INC because the C in INC is Cristo and my knowledge of how Christ goes about his oppositions are in now way close to what you are trying to do here. What is being shown is the effects of a narcissistic leadership this show has been running for years when indeed push came to shove. Your ways were never 10 commandment-ish but rather close to this:

The seven deadly sins of narcissism were first described by psychotherapist Sandy Hotchkiss and they include the following: (Excerts from an article by By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD in
  1. Shamelessness – Shame is the underlying factor in all cases of unhealthy narcissism. In a healthy person, shame is processed in a normal manner, whereas narcissists have difficulty processing this feeling in a healthy way. Narcissists also tend to inflict shame on other people, a concept referred to as projection.
  2. Magical thinking – Narcissists tend to perceive themselves as perfect and flawless. The distorted thinking and illusion that causes narcissists to feel this way is referred to as magical thinking.
  3. Arrogance – Arrogance and a disregard for other people’s feelings are typical characteristics of narcissism. Narcissists often have a low self esteem which they try to relieve by insulting or degrading others. This helps to re-inflate their ego when they are feeling deflated or lacking in worth.
  4. Envy – Due to their sense of being superior to others, narcissists may feel insecure when faced with another person’s ability, which they may try to belittle by demonstrating contempt or dismissal of it.
  5. Sense of entitlement – A sense of being perfect and superior means narcissists often expect to receive favorable treatment and for people to admire and agree with their opinions or actions. Failure to comply may be perceived as an attack on their authority and superiority. A person who flouts their authority is often considered to be a difficult or awkward person by the narcissist, who will proceed to demean them or their opinion, especially in front of others. Defiance can also trigger anger in the narcissist which is referred to as “narcissistic rage.”
  6. Exploitation – This refers to the narcissist’s tendency to exploit others and show no regard or empathy for their emotions or interests. This often occurs when the other person is in a subservient position, where it is awkward or impossible to resist the narcissist. On some occasions, this subservience is only assumed rather than real.
  7. Lack of boundaries – Most narcissists fail to understand their boundaries and recognise that other people are individuals rather than extensions of themselves. Those who support the self-esteem of the narcissist are expected to always do so, with the narcissist failing to recognize the independence of the other person.

And by saying this, my heart forgives you. Stupid people succumb to stupid things just as how we were like as babies, and I know it is stupid of me to write this letter to you because it shows that you are somewhat succeeding in affecting bigots like me who now at least try to engage you in a manner of how  religious sects exercise  opposition of other people's views that are not akin to theirs and the sarcasm that fill the gap of nothingness,

If I had God like powers in my hands I would like to name your existence right now in Mandaluyong as  INC (Irony Ni Cristo). I know it's corny, but yeah. I'm corny, I am a corny stupid pleading monkey and you have got nothing on me.

Sinsarcastically yours and I know it's not a word,

The EMO Thinker dumpeth.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Reserve a Company name online in the Philippines 2015

I have been learning how to reserve company names for my boss and I did not know how easy it is to do that in the Philippines not until today. I figured I should give you a step by step procedure in how to check a company name prior to Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C) registration.

STEP 1.  Go to

STEP 2.  Select Reserve A Company Name 
STEP 3.  You will be prompted to the SEC i-register page. Click to the part where it says "PROCEED"

*take a look at the notice in this page so you won't end up making a mistake in your name reservation payment. 

STEP 4:  You will be prompted to the SEC i-Register Version 2 Facility. Once you are already done reading that it is all about,  press "Continue":

STEP 5: Welcome to the SEC i-register page, if you are a 1st time user, you should register .

STEP 6: This is what the "Sign up now " page looks like.

STEP 7: Once you successfully have registered, CONGRATULATIONS! You are well on your way into reserving a company name, but first, Click on the terms and conditions.

STEP 8: If you have no qualms about it, then hit "accept". 

STEP 9: You will be prompted to this page afterwards. 

This is a difficult one, as any other Filipino website giving instructions are. 

There is a whole gamut of classifications in this particular part of the portal that can confuse you profusely.

My opinion, if it is not particularly a ltd corp a foundation or something particular but just want to check if the name is okay, I suggest you hit "Stock Corporation", 

STEP 10: This next page will make your eyes roll. I'll make it easy for you. HIT "Continue" button.

STEP 11: THERE . You can now type the industry you feel you best fit in the "Search Industry" Portion below.

STEP 12: In my case I typed : SERVICES and here is what I got: 

THERE! Just what I was Looking for: Advertising Services, see that?

STEP 13: So I clicked on Advertising Services and my choice got isolated here. So I would Click "Continue":

STEP 14 : Now that I am done with that hell of an industry picking, I FINALLY GET TO CHECK THE NAME " Banana Mango Studios Inc." I'd hit  "Continue".

STEP 15: Failed, So much Names with the words Banana Mango Studios. I would then try: BMS Rebranding Experts Inc.

STEP 16: And the Name "Passsed"! \I am well on my way into registering my Advertrising Services Business as "BMS REBRANDING EXPERTS INC"

STEP 17: Since we just registered as a user to register a name, we have to make a user profile:

STEP 18: We then go on now to finish the details of our Name reservation:

Select the duration of reservation and method of payment for your company name. Enter the name of the person who is reserving the current company name on the Reserved By field.

STEP 19: Make sure that your Reservation Details are correct. Click Submit to finalize the reservation. Once you are sure, hit the "Submit" button. If you want to make changes, you can always hit "back".

STEP 20: You made it to the first step of your entrepreneurial adventure girl! You were able to survive this daunting and confusing task of reserving a company name.

They need some stamp on it to make it legit. 

You are all welcome.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thirty Six and Close to forty.

I am close to my forties, been running around like a drunk ass lost soul, still a frustrated songwriter who can't keep a band together, a frustrated designer, who's just made 2 pieces of clothing, a frustrated nerd who is trying to learn to code, a frustrated dieter who loves to drink her beer and a frustrated guitar player who can't sing and play the guitar at the same time. A single woman without a wing man.
That's me awkward for pictures, PHOTO TAKEN BY: NIKON CELIS. And that's Gino my sometimes asshole friend.

I am getting old sitting through my flaws, make fun of it and or try to wait for a breakthrough.

I am not the kind who gives up though. I constantly fight through everyday. I believe in the power of seeking for a breakthrough.

I was not raised properly by parents so I kind of had to figure out stuff on my own, with the help of my circumstances. It wasn't my parents fault, I chose what I chose. I chose independence and with closed eyes I jumped in that opportunity, 18 years old onward. I lived in the houses that I lived, met the friends that I met, fucked the guys that I fucked, worked the jobs that I took went to the church that I went to.

What stuff did I figure out so far? Well I figured out how to play the guitar, drive a car, be a mother, be loving to another human being and taking care of an animal.

Along the way, taken cared of as if some hand was directing me with my closed eyes always to that path of safety and happiness. And with that I am very grateful for.

That is why I know for sure that I will not end up killing myself.

But as human as I am, I always crave for a breakthrough. And even if this essay wouldn't seem to be the case, believe it or not I am very excited to be thirty six and close to forty.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Banana Mango Project

I am going to talk about this new venture we have it's called Banana Mango, its a network of design and advertising specialist and we take on jobs that involves total rebranding, website design and conceptualization to simple graphic design jobs.

You can visit our website at :


Saturday, July 25, 2015

To the Overcast Skies that attempt to set me back at some point.

There are certain people and events that impact a persons life, and I won't deny the fact that those years of spending my youth and energy into the madness of you had made a huge impact in my life. It was one of the pivotal moments of my self discovery. It is when I knew I had the capability to impart and give away my whole damn self in a seemingly unselfish manner, or so I believe have been. It has also caused a trauma that I am working on right now in my life. Its not bad on you, but it was the cost of my all out expedition beyond my fears. I let it all out and now I have to learn how to manage it like a sane human being without concerning myself with other people's opinion of me and what I am made of.

I am a very insecure person, that is my weakness, this has heightened into the ideal of me being liked by you and eventually hopefully loved but was unclear. I know you chose unclear because I feed your ego with the joy of some person you don't care who will worship you like a motherfucker. I understood that concept eventually after some deep journey and self analysis. I am in the journey now of loving myself in staying away from the likes of you who I have come to attract. I have built a standard of avoidance towards your liking and have led me to numerous relationships after you that only lasted a week, a few months to a length of a year.

You must understand that it I am not Mad at you, nor angry..we are simply each others casualties of each of our self discoveries. I am just being a good sport in this thing called life that I wanted to at least get to know my spirit's enemy.

I promised myself and my son that I would always have love for people and no room and space for hate. I would have a room full of dislikes but my brain will always be open and as my heart to accepting ideals and beliefs by and  with protecting my own special space that only my son and I will share.

I am not closing my door to the future. I am simply closing my door to the lack of clarity that a certain person or type of individual might add in. I have built gauges not cages so anybody is welcome. Let us all be joyful and happy.